Best ways to remove trees

Useful tips on tree removal in your compound.

Trees are beautiful when they are in the compound; they provide shade and make the air cool. Sometimes the tree may over grow, might be dangerous, become a health hazard or you maybe in need of the space that the tree and the stump have occupied. See the whole process for removal of trees.

When you decide to cut the tree, you need some tips that will come in handy, before, during and after cutting the tree.

Listed below are some of the useful tips that you can use to ensure that you have successfully removed the tree:

  • It is important to perform a hazard assessment of the work area before starting. This will help you have the right tools for the job and in case there is need for more human resource, you can have time to contact them.

  • Assess the weather conditions before you start the tree removal exercise. Do not trim trees in extremely dangerous weather conditions; for instance, it is not advisable to fell trees during windy days.

  • Contact utility companies that may include, electric power and telephone companies, in case the tree is near their lines or wires. This will help the companies to deploy their staff to assess and advise you on the best way to remove the tree without much disruption of service.

  • Invest and use personal protective equipment; for example, gloves, glasses, reflective coats for tree along a busy road, leg protection, ropes and others. This will ensure that your safety is guaranteed.

  • Ensure you know the direction that the tree will fall; this will help you assess the surrounding and remove anything that may be damaged in the tree fall – zone.

  • In case you decide to do the trimming and pruning first, do not climb the tree with tools in your hand. Rather, climb first and later devise a way to get the tools.

  • It is important to inspect and assess the strength of the tree branches before climbing. In case you doubt the branch can hold you, ensure that you use strong ladders and if possible, someone should hold the ladder.

  • When you start pruning, trimming or felling the tree, do not leave until you finish the exercise. It is very dangerous to have loosely hanging branches or trees that have not fallen completely.

  • If you establish that neighboring broken trees are almost falling, determine the direction of the pressure and make small cuts to release it.

  • Be alert always when you are removing the tree to avoid any accidents happening.

  • In case the tree does not fall over all the way or gets caught on another, have your friends start pulling on the rope until it finally falls.

  • After the tree is cut and safely falls, the last task will be to remove the stump. You can decide to burn, use chemicals to make it rot or manually remove it.

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